ANAKEM is one of the first Collective Systems for the Alternative Management (CSAM) of Excavation, Construction and Demolition Wastes (ECDW). ANAKEM was founded by technical construction companies as a société anonyme (S.A.).

As a Collective System for the Alternative Management of Excavation, Construction and Demolition Wastes (CSAM ECDW) we are the responsible body for the alternative management of ECDW in the areas within our range of operation. We collaborate with ECD Wastes producers (contractors of private and public projects), with processing units and with enterprises specialized in the collection, transfer and temporary storage of ECDW, for the effective processing, recycling and recovering of wastes. Furthermore, we provide support to public bodies and organizations, especially in regions and municipalities, in the prevention of production, the proper management and uncontrolled disposal of wastes in their jurisdiction, we as well inform them about the procedures to be followed for the alternative management of wastes in their projects. We monitor and document the data for the alternative management of ECDW and report our results to the Hellenic Recycling Agency.

In ANAKEM S.A  we create an effective network of carriers and delivery points as well as processing units in mainland Greece and in the islands.

ANAKEM S.A has been certified and implements:

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ANAKEM S.A. is active in the following fields:

  1. Updating individual contractors, public and private bodies about their obligations regarding ECDW recycling.
  2. Forming contracts with the ECD Waste holders concerning recycling.
  3. Providing support and supervision to the waste holders for the proper selection of wastes at the place of generation (source segregation), as well as informing them about the possibilities of temporary storage, transfer and processing of wastes.
  4. Support and monitoring of the contracted processing facilities as far as the applied processing methods are concerned.
  5. Setting the quality parameters of the recycled materials targeting their optimal usage.
  6. Supporting public administration and local government bodies in the attainment of their targets for prevention, reusing, recycling and recovery of materials, and in environmental management, especially in fighting off the uncontrollable disposal of debris.
  7. Planning and implementing public awareness campaigns.
  8. Collaboration with research facilities, universities and corporations, for the promotion of research in the field of production and utilization of recycled materials.
  9. Study and implementation of restoration projects in inactive quarries, as a new sector of operation, abiding to the approved business plan.


CSAM ANAKEM was founded based on JMD 36259/2010 and received the following approvals from the Hellenic Recycling Agency (H.R.A):