What is CSAM

Collective systems of alternative management (CSAM) are the responsible bodies for the alternative management of ECDW in the areas within their range of operations.

CSAM are organized in corporations that do not seek profit, in any legal form. They organize, coordinate and supervise the whole process of ECDW management aiming to prevent the production of waste and their alternative management, meaning the operations of collection, transport, temporary storage, reusing, processing and utilization of ECDW, so the recycled or recovered materials can be offered for sale.

CSAM cooperate with all the involved bodies in ECDW management:

  • ECDW producers/holders: contractors of private and public projects, constructors, bodies specializing in equipment renting and providing services of temporary storage, collection and transport, individuals.
  • Processing units and corporations handling the collection, transport and temporary storage of ECDW
  • Public bodies and organizations, especially Regions and Municipalities

They monitor and record data for the alternative management of ECDW and they compose reviews for the Hellenic Recycling Agency (H.R.A)

Every corporation involved in alternative management of ECDW is obligated to form contract with an approved SAM.


According to JMD 36259/1757/E103/2010 the systems are targeted at:

  1. The collection of ECDW from the construction sites or the site of their production in order to channel them to the most appropriate venues for alternative management.
  2. The reusing or the utilization including the recycling of the collected materials.
  3. The compliance with the requirements referring to:
    • The protection of the environment and the health and security of consumers and system employees.
    • The protection of rights of the industrial and commercial privacy
    • Avoiding commercial obstacles or crookedness in the competition for the imported products