Contracting obligated producers for the alternative management of their waste


ANAKEM S.A., after informing producers about their obligations and rights, signs contracts of partnership for the alternative management of Construction, Excavation and Demolition Waste.

Liable managers are:

  • Private entities or bodies performing construction work
    • Construction companies of any form or private entities performing private work
    • Construction companies of any form, concessionaire of public works
    • Public bodies, such as municipalities and institutions of public utility, performing works that produce Construction and Demolition Waste
    • Construction and Demolition Waste collection and conveyance companies
      • Solid Waste container renting companies
      • Construction and Demolition Waste Collection and Transportation companies
    • Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling Units
      • Temporary storage
      • Processing
      • Transloading
      • Utilization

Advising the contracted obligated producers for the proper ECDW management methods


ANAKEM S.A. employs expert waste management engineers, who visit the work site of partnered obligated producers, to inform them about the most up to date management methods regarding:

  • The in-situ sorting of waste, to simplify the consequent processing of it
  • The collection – transportation of the waste
  • The processing and utilization at the contracted with CSAM units

Special attention given to:

  • Consulting services concerning the supply of appropriate recycled materials for a construction work, in conjunction with the delivery of Construction and Demolition Waste which gets produced by the work, in order to lower the cost of alternative Management for the producer.


Advising public organizations for the management of ECDW produced within their district

ANAKEM S.A. provides consultant support to public bodies (Municipalities, Regions, Organizations) regarding:

  • The proper management of ECDW that is produced in work sites
  • The proper management of ECDW as part of the collection of bulky objects
  • The licensing of the temporary storage units
  • Control over rampant ECDW disposal in the environment