ECDW producers/holders are:

  • constructors and contractors of private and public works
  • bodies specializing in equipment renting and providing services of temporary storage, collection and transport
  • individuals that have not assigned their project to a contractor
  • private or public bodies (e.g. municipalities) and organizations that implement works by direct labor

ANAKEM S.A cooperates annually with bodies and contractors of more than a 10000  public and private technical projects.

ANAKEM S.A contributes in the construction of large projects in its range of operations, collaborating with leading companies in the construction industry
For reference we showcase the following projects:

Thessaloniki airport
Thessaloniki Metro
Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP)
Wind power stations
Construction of water and sewer systems
Grade Interchange K16- PATHE and Thessaloniki ring road crossing
Vertical axes of Egnatia Motorway
Chania and Kefalonia airports

ANAKEM S.A is close to every small local range project. For reference:

Building maintenance and improvement
Demolition of houses and other buildings
House renovations

ANAKEM S.A supports municipalities’ endeavors for ECDW management that are produced in their activities.