ANAKEM S.A. is a Collective System for Alternative Management (CSAM), founded as a société anonyme, with range of operations in 13 regions and 43 prefectures. ANAKEM was rewarded for its contribution in the management of solid wastes and for its performance in recycling in Greek Green Awards 2019 and 2022 respectively, in the framework of the International Exhibition Verde Tec. In 2022 ANAKEM was awarded in the category "Green Growth" by the Circular Economy and Climate Change Institute of the European Public Law Organization.

Presentation of ANAKEM

Excavation, Construction and Demolition Waste Management

We recycle the debris instead of throwing them away, because it is a source of raw material and we protect the environment.

The used materials that are useless to their owner, have not lost all their value. Only a small percentage cannot be exploited and has to be transferred to landfills. The process of converting the wastes to materials that can be used for their original or other purpose, other than energy recovery, is called Recycling. Recycling is a part of the rational waste management. With rational waste management we save energy and natural resources.